Tasha came to A Better Life Together, Inc. in 2015 for assistance with managing life while pursuing her undergraduate degree at USD.  She has since received her degree and traveled abroad and kept us on when needed in her process of managing life and facing obstacles.   Growing up in the foster care system Tasha desired to work in the foster care juvenile field to give back to those kids who are experiencing similar experiences she had growing up. Tasha already held the position of peer advisor with the National College Resources Foundation. But, with the assistance of A Better Life Together, Inc Tailored day program, Tasha was able to receive a job offer as a civic/faith specialist at Just in Time for Foster Youth in January of 2021. Tasha was very happy and excited to receive this job. Tasha feels that her personal life experience had prepared her for this role, assisting troubled youth with hard life backgrounds. Tasha stated that she had actually applied for this job before she began working with A Better Life Together, Inc’s Tailored day program, but it wasn't until Tasha and her program coordinator Lance began to adjust and upgrade her resume that she believes is the reason she got the job. Tasha stated that her program coordinator Lance was instrumental in helping her with tips to prepare for the job interview and the edits he assisted her with on her resume were excellent. Tasha embarked on bringing her life experience into her new role and became a strong leader in the lives of troubled youths.


In January 2022, Tasha decided that it was time to continue her growth and development as an individual and learner and decided to go back to school to obtain her master of arts degree in social intervention at the University of San Diego. With the assistance of program coordinator Lance, Tasha is now in the process of researching and applying for grants to help her pay for her upcoming tuition when she begins her master’s classes in the fall.

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